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What you may visit

During your stay you have the opportunity to visit remarkable places that include monuments, wetlands, rivers, archeological sites.


Some of the most important sites to visit are Ancient Nikopolis just 5 km away, the Amvrakikos Wetland, the Roman Aqueduct at the springs of Agios Georgios along with the existing water mills, the only Red Clay a landscape… from Mars , the river Acheron and the Necromandio, the historic Zaloggo where the statues for the heroic Souliotisses dominate.


Of course, a walk is required in the beautiful city of Preveza (in the lord of Epirus) which is built in the shadow of three castles. To the north of the city is the castle of Agios Andreas (Its Kale) by the sea … At the southern end of the city, in the area called Kokkinochoma is the castle of Agios Georgios … To the west of her city, on the beach rises the fortress of Pantokrator …

Wander the picturesque alleys to see the sundial in the Venetian clock tower of Preveza. The Satan Bazaar “The Devil’s Bazaar” the alley that attracts the most interest in the center has its own story and is told in an original way to passers-by. On the facade of a building, three relief marble slabs placed one on top of the other, tell how this street got its unique name ….


There are many more sites to visit as in the area there are many Venetian castles, Byzantine monuments and many other Greek monasteries that are preserved over the centuries.
Our accommodation offers its customers free printed information material and maps of the surrounding area, attractions and activities that one can enjoy.
Also by arrangement we are able to organize for our visitors day trips and tours in the wider area with its unique beauties.

All locations are relatively close to Villa Sophia